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sobisoft GmbH was founded in 1991 in Herne.

First, we supported businesses, which primarily worked with Comet software of Nixdorf Computer AG.

From 1994, we re-oriented – we could win as customers
companies using SAP software.

Initially based on SAP R/2 ® , and then SAP R/3 ® as more and more customers were using R/3.

In addition to customers throughout the country were increasingly gained contracts in and outside Europe.

In 1999, sobisoft GmbH, moved their headquarters from Herne to Tiefenbach near Passau.

In 2009 set up a sister company CIBS in the UK.

2010, sobisoft GmbH has:

15 employees, working on projects –
additionally experienced freelancers are available  

Projects have been conducted in five continents (only in Australia, we have not yet worked)

Extensive industry experience gained in many projects.

You can also benefit from this know-how!

We look forward to working with you.

Call: +49 8509 5451551 or send us an e-mail